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Posted on Thursday, September 4, 2008

 Stewart Grayhawk RS G3 is the First Gray Reference Screen to Pass THX Contrast Enhancing Tests

CEDIA 2008, Denver, September 4, 2008 – THX Ltd. today announced that it has developed new testing techniques to measure the effectiveness of gray projection screens to improve visual performance in home theater environments with varied lighting conditions. The THX contrast enhancing tests, which is a new addition to the THX Certified Projection Screen program, is designed to improve the contrast of projected images. The Stewart Filmscreen GrayHawk RS G3 is the first gray projection screen to successfully pass the new series of tests developed by THX.

Conventional matte white screens often cause light from a front projector to scatter off the ceiling and walls, reducing contrast levels. After extensive lab testing and research, THX video engineers determined that the use of gray colored screen material can minimize the scattering of light in the room, which in turn, improves black level performance. THX incorporated this research into a new testing methodology for THX Certified Projection Screens.

“Most modern movie theaters have dark colored walls to reduce light reflections directly onto the screen. However, in a residential environment, dark colors tend to be less popular and restrictive to the homeowner,” said Dr. Michael Rudd, Chief AV Architect at THX. “The Stewart GrayHawk RS G3 will provide professional installers, dealers and homeowners an option to improve black level performance in home theaters and media rooms with a brighter décor.”

Stewart’s GrayHawk was the industry’s first gray reference screen and has become popular with custom installers and systems integrators. The new GrayHawk G3 material uses an ultra-fine optical coating that is designed and optimized specifically for 1080p source material. Additionally, the G3 optical coating improves uniformity for consistent brightness across the entire screen. This unique feature, combined with the neutral density gray base, dramatically increases black levels, shadow detailing and overall color saturation, providing the viewer with maximum resolution and superb image quality. For the ultimate in acoustic transparency, a GrayHawk G3 screen can take advantage of Stewart's Microperf X2 technology, which was the first projection screen with acoustically transparent (AT) material to achieve THX certification.

“With its certification programs for projection screens and HD video products, THX is becoming a driving force in home video as well as audio,” said Don Stewart, vice-president at Stewart Filmscreen. “Achieving THX certification enables us to differentiate the GrayHawk G3 from competitors and communicate a clear message to customers that the gray screen category, pioneered by Stewart, will deliver marked improvements to the home viewing experience.”

Every THX Certified Projection Screen is tested to ensure that the optical properties do not impact the chrominance, luminance or uniformity of the projected image. In addition to the contrast enhancing tests, THX analyzes the micro-perforations and screen materials to make sure that it is manufactured in such a way that it’s invisible to the eye when viewed from your seating position. This acoustically transparent material makes it possible to place the loudspeakers behind a THX Certified screen, allowing for a smooth sound experience in relation to the picture.

The GrayHawk G3 material is available in sizes up to 40 feet by 90 feet and can be purchased from Stewart Filmscreen representatives. For more information, visit


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