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83" MTG Sync White Board

Model: SWB 1812

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The SWB 1812 is a 83" MTG Sync White Board.

Automatic cropping and correction. When you take a picture with the MTG Sync App, it automatically detects the edges of the board. Simply confirm the best detected option and the handwritten notes are cropped and corrected for keystone distortion.

Organize and share. The saved data can be organized in folders, sent via e-mail, sent to Evernote or Dropbox and can be saved to the device's memory.

Template sheet for easy organization. The template sheet for the MTG Sync allows you to enter pertinent meeting information in a standard format - title, date, etc. When the MTG Sync App is used to take a snapshot of handwritten notes, the information can be transcribed and used to sort and organize the notes, making them easy to find and browse. The template sheet can be easily attached or removed via its magnetic backing. You can choose to view only the template information in thumbnail format for easy browsing.

Compatible with both Apple devices (iPad 3rd generation or above) and Android phones.

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