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Platinum Tools is known for creating and providing unique, time saving solutions for installers in the Residential and Commercial Structured Wiring markets. The flagship product is the patented EZ-RJ45 termination system which provides the fastest, most reliable and highest performing termination for Cat5, 5e and Cat6 cable and connectors. Visit our booth for hands on demos, training and sample!

Model: EZ- Datalock Strain Relief

EZ- Datalock strain relief locks. Protect and secure your data network 24/7. To be used as a locking strain relief for cables that are NOT to be disconnected.
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MicroScanner2 vs Cable Prowler
Posted on Thursday, September 29, 2016

If your network cable tester is important to you and your daily work, it needs to be the best — not just the best overall, but the best one for you. Looking at the Fluke Networks Microscanner2 and the Platinum Tools Cable Prowler, let’s put them to both tests. We’ll look at technical features and specs that show whether they’re up for the job, and design and usability details that show they can work hard and help you do your best.

Comparing Functionality

Both devices check cable lengths and proper wiring, ensuring that cable wiring installs are done right. When the network is powered up, the Microscanner2 can detect PoE. The Cable Prowler also steps in with PoE mode checking for both A/Endspan and B/Endspan to verify the pins in use for power – an important distinction. The Cable Prowler places a PoE load to make sure the switch can sustain PoE output when in use. The Platinum unit can also check link status and link capability, verifying that the cable is live. This extra detail can also help speed up troubleshooting.


  MicroScanner2 Cable Prowler
Active Ethernet (Link Capability & Link Status) X X
Detects PoE/PoE+, PoE Mode, and load test for voltage drop Detect PoE only X
Link Light   X
Tone Generation X X
Detect Length to Opens & Shorts X X
Verifies Continuity (RJ45, Coax) X X
ID Remotes (ID only) Ntwk & Coax   Up to 20
Testing & ID Remotes Ntwk & Tel Up to 7 Up to 8
Interface connection RJ45/F conn RJ45/F conn
Hanging Clip   Option
Kickstand   Option
Max Length 1,500 ft (457 m) X X
Screen type No Color Color
Save and export test results   up to 256 tests
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-ion No (2xAA) No (6xAA)
Languages EN En, FR, ESP, DEU, ITA

Testing and Recording

When verifying large wiring jobs, rapid recording of the testing results is a big plus. If there are problems, it helps locate them quickly. For signoff, it provides reliable documentation of system checkout. Microscanner2 simply displays the current test results; the Cable Prowler stores up to 256 test results for export and easy inclusion in reports and analysis runs.

Easy to Read and Interpret

Cable testing takes place throughout the world, and in all sorts of conditions. Even in North America, workers speak many languages. The Microscanner2 only uses English and presents results on a monochrome display. Cable Prowler is fluent in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian, and uses a full-color display which speeds the interpretation of results in all kinds of lighting conditions. In some cases, color is enough to quickly determine preliminary results!

Features to Make It Handy

Cable Prowler adds further usability features: an optional hanging clip attachment, much like a lineman’s handset, keeps it handy and out of the way. A kickstand attachment keeps it visible standing on a flat surface, allowing hands-free testing. Microscanner2 does not currently offer these basic items. Cable Prowler also allows firmware upgrades to enhance the value of the unit over time, adding features and display formats, and supporting future standards as needed.