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Platinum Tools is known for creating and providing unique, time saving solutions for installers in the Residential and Commercial Structured Wiring markets. The flagship product is the patented EZ-RJ45 termination system which provides the fastest, most reliable and highest performing termination for Cat5, 5e and Cat6 cable and connectors. Visit our booth for hands on demos, training and sample!

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The Net Chaser™ Ethernet Speed Certifier & Network Tester offers a complete solution to test and speed certify the data-carrying capabilities of Ethernet network cables up to 1 Gb/s by testing for noi
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How to deliver professional cable and network testing documentation
Posted on Thursday, June 9, 2016

How to deliver professional cable and network testing documentation

Professional cable installers want to exhibit the highest level of quality and standards in offering services to the customer. In doing so, maintaining proper documentation is best business practice that can pay off both during the job and after it’s completion.

  • Makes sure the job is done right
  • No aspect is omitted
  • Provide the customer with printable documentation

Keeping detailed documentation ensures that the job is done right and that no aspect of the service installation is omitted. Documentation identifies each step of the entire installation project for both managers and clients. Documentation can be customized according to the site specifications and the type of installation being performed.

The Testing Process

Providing the customer with detailed documentation is a sign of a quality and professional install.  It demonstrates attention to detail and thoroughness which is the hallmark of a job well-done. Besides, modern handheld devices and software make it both quick and easy to record and report on the different facets of the installation, and they make it easy to print specifications when needed.

It is essential that results of each test be recorded as soon as the test is performed — avoiding loss of data and ensuring the results are included in the final report. Additionally, it is of the imperative to upload to your computer software all the data and readings that were taken during the testing process so that this information can be used to populate your report.

The Final Report

When the installation is complete and all the testing data from the installation has been uploaded from your test equipment to your computer, you can compile the final report.  Your cable test report will be organized in a logical user friendly format.

It is up to you to decide which values are relevant based on who the report is being distributed to. For example, a report that is sent to a non-technical client would be different from one that sent to an engineering firm or your main office.

It is recommended that detailed results be included in the final reports.  This detail can aid in future troubleshooting as well as satisfying the warranty requirement for some manufacturers.

Correct Labeling

Professional installers understand that detailed labeling is essential and it should map directly to your documentation. Remember…good documentation and cable labeling go hand in hand.

Each work area outlet is commonly labeled with the floor, room, patch panel and the port where it originates. If documentation or cable labeling is not provided, then a proper installation has not been completed.

Proof In The Reporting