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Going Green With Digital Signage Makes Dollars And Sense
Posted on Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Going Green With Digital Signage Makes Dollars And Sense

It has been shown that digital signage can reduce the environmental impact of your marketing and communications efforts, which of itself can be meaningful in multiple ways when considering greener alternatives. This is all well and good, but digital signage can also be a smarter approach to communications, which makes good business sense, too.


In past writings, I've mentioned several studies (download whitepaper) that enumerated the benefits to the environment of choosing to communicate via digital signage rather than with traditional printed signs. In this blog, let’s explore a few of the cost benefits organizations can realize by going green with digital signage.


Money talks


As we learned in grade school, Benjamin Franklin popularized the notion that has become an idiom of our day, “a penny saved is a penny earned.” Many people apply this principle only to the initial cost of something they buy, but for businesses, in general, it is particularly helpful to look at the cost from a different perspective—total cost of ownership.


For this reason, a business manager should consider that it is often much less expensive, in the long run, to replace printed signs with greener alternatives. Matter of fact, depending upon the type and quantity of printed signs being replaced, it is likely for a digital signage system to pay for itself in less than two years based on a prospective-cost comparison.


This has certainly been true for Prairie Meadows Racetrack & Casino in Altoona, Iowa, who transitioned from conventionally printed and translucent backlit signs to digital signage over the last five years, saving the facility millions of dollars in printing costs.