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Now’s the Time to Upgrade to MediaZone Pro
Posted on Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Now’s the Time to Upgrade to MediaZone Pro
As a valued Digital Signage and MediaXtreme Broadcast customer, we want to inform you that on April 8th 2014, Microsoft will cease to release updates on the 12-year-old Windows XP OS. All technical support to XP users will also stop. Without any security updates, bug fixes or critical patches to keep up with malware, there’s an increased possibility anyone still using Windows XP OS will experience problems. 
Whom will this change affect? It can affect current MediaZone Pro users, or anyone using Keywest Technology legacy software, including:
  • MediaZone (classic)
  • MediaXtreme
  • MediaPOD
If you are using MediaZone Pro Editor software, we recommend that you upgrade your editing computer to Windows 7 or newer.  Our current MediaZone Pro Editor (version 3.0 desktop application) can be installed on Windows 7 or 8. So, if you are running MediaZone Pro Editor on XP, it is simple enough to re-install it on Windows 7 or newer.
Additionally, you should know that all MediaZone Pro players shipped prior to December 2013 use Windows Embedded Standard 2009. Microsoft supports this software until January 8, 2019.
Finally, we encourage all current MediaZone Pro users to consider upgrading to our 2014 MediaZone Pro Editor version 3.0 and MediaZone Pro Player version 8.0. This version is designed to work with Windows Embedded Standard 7, which Microsoft will support until 2020. The Player v-8.0 upgrade includes a Windows Embedded Standard 7 OS upgrade on the MediaZone Pro hardware that also includes numerous bug fixes. If you are unsure which version of OS your Keywest Technology system is running, please contact out TotalCARE helpdesk: .
Legacy software users: if you are using any Keywest Technology software that is not MediaZone Pro—you may risk increased exposure to malware and viruses. We highly recommend all legacy users to upgrade their systems to MediaZone Pro. Upgrade recommendations and contact links are in the summary below.
All Legacy Digital Signage & Broadcast Customers Since 2002
Premium Upgrade Offer: If you are using an early version of MediaZone, MediaXtreme or MediaPOD, we offer a Premium upgrade with a 27% discount on a brand new MediaZone Pro system that includes player hardware with Windows Embedded Standard 7 preloaded and tested at the factory. Request quote.
MediaZone Software (Classic) Users
Basic+ Upgrade to MediaZone Pro and Version 8.0 Player: If you are using MediaZone classic that was purchased between 2008 and 2011, you may purchase a software upgrade to MediaZone Pro software including the Player OS to Windows Embedded Standard 7. Microsoft supports standard 7 until 2020. Request quote.
MediaZone Pro Users
MediaZone Pro Player Version 8.0 Upgrade: If you are currently using MediaZone Pro that was delivered before December 2013, you may purchase a software upgrade to MediaZone Pro Player software Version 8.0 and Windows Embedded Standard 7 OS. Microsoft supports standard 7 until 2020. Request quote.
Our experienced sales team can offer the most up to date information and suggest options that fit your needs and budget. Please use our contact form to send us your requirements.