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Jupiter Systems Demonstrates Its Award-Winning Visualization And Collaboration Solutions For Single, Networked And Multiple Display Walls
Posted on Monday, October 1, 2012
Products featured at Feria Internacional de Bogota, Jupiter Booth Number 06-02-339
October 1, 2012, Coferia, Bogota, Colombia—Jupiter Systems, the industry leader in visualization and collaboration solutions for display walls and networked PCs and the number one worldwide supplier of display wall processors, demonstrated its full range of AV systems at the Feria Internacional de Bogota October 1–5, in a booth shared with two of the industry’s top solution providers, Mitsubishi Electric and Winsted.
“Colombia is an important market for us,” said Brady O. Bruce, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Alliances at Jupiter Systems. “The government's strong economic policies have created an attractive environment for business. Jupiter’s visualization and collaboration products are especially well suited for Colombia’s rapidly growing industries in security, defense, electric power generation and distribution, emergency operations centers, financial management operations, and boardrooms.”
“Jupiter Systems is the leading supplier of display wall processors in South America,” said Mark Dustan, Jupiter’s Regional Manager for Asia and Latin America. “Display wall processors are our entire focus and what we do best. Jupiter designs and builds all of its products from the ground up based on what customers tell us they require. Jupiter controllers can be used for collaboration with single, networked or multiple displays, and they have been designed to be used with virtually any video display. Jupiter’s new Canvas software enables any source on the security center display wall—live video, data, application screens and more—to be shared with colleagues anywhere on the network. Our controllers provide high resolution, image capture over the network and on the wall, the ability to run your own applications, the ability to display images up to 2560 x 1600 pixels, and streaming video in high definition. As a result, Jupiter processors can be used with virtually any video display.”
Jupiter’s award-winning display wall processors are the number one selling controllers sold throughout the region and can be found in numerous installations in Colombia, including the Office of the President, Bogota police, various military facilities, and Citibank.  In Brazil, BMF Bovespa, the Rio de Janeiro/Galeão–Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport, Petrobras, and telecom companies including Telemar, Telemig, BMF, and Vivo use products from Jupiter Systems. Jupiter also drives display walls at TIM Peru, CANTV in Venezuela, and Honeywell Chile. In Mexico, Jupiter display wall processors are used by the Comisión Federal de Electricidad, the Cancun Police, the Monterrey Police, and the Policía Federal.
Jupiter Systems offers three families of award-winning visualization systems. Jupiter Canvas™ is the revolutionary new multipoint collaborative visualization solution that allows users to share video streams and collaborate across the enterprise no matter where they are located. Users can access content wherever and whenever it is needed, on display walls, PCs, and tablets. With Canvas, participants across the world can annotate directly on live video and work on shared whiteboards.                                                                                                        
The Fusion Catalyst™ family of high performance visualization and display wall processors is installed in control rooms, classrooms, and boardrooms around the world, delivering unmatched performance and flexibility in applications including security, traffic management, military operations, emergency operations centers, financial institutions, and many more. Employing cutting edge, second generation PCI Express technology, Fusion Catalyst processors offer up to an astonishing 320 Gbps of bandwidth. That’s enough bandwidth to carry multiple ultra-high resolution video signals at a full 60 frames per second, drive ultra-high resolution monitors at a full 32 bits per pixel, and support virtually any configuration requirement. Fusion Catalyst is also a PC with Intel CPUs and Windows 7 onboard. Customers can run mission-critical apps, access data through the network, engage the information, and collaborate on a wall-sized desktop.
PixelNet ® is a revolutionary new way to capture, distribute, control and display digital and analog video sources for audiovisual applications. Based on technology previously used for data communication networks, PixelNet adopts Gigabit Ethernet and Ethernet switches for use with high resolution, real-time video. Using packet-switching technology, any information source can be shown on any display, as a window on a single display, or as a window spanning multiple display devices in a display wall. In addition, any source can be shown at any size on any display or array of displays.