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Jupiter Systems Adds Powerful Security Enhancements to Its ControlPoint™ 3.0 Display Wall Management Suite
Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2012
New ControlPoint Security software suite safeguards operations with user authentication, access management, wall segmentation and forensic logging of display wall operations
Product Featured at InfoComm 2012, Jupiter Booth No. C8036
LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jupiter Systems, the industry leader in visualization and collaboration solutions for display walls and networked PCs, announced today that ControlPoint™ 3.0, the display wall management suite for its Fusion Catalyst and VizionPlus II display wall processors, now includes ControlPoint Security™, a NERC-compliant set of security tools providing user authentication, access management, wall segmentation, and forensic logging of display wall operations. ControlPoint™ 3.0 with ControlPoint Security™ is now available for all Fusion Catalyst and VizionPlus II display wall processors.
“In applications that include traffic management, emergency operations, electrical power generation and transmission, process control, military operations, law enforcement, and physical security, system managers need to control who can access the display wall system and which aspects of operational control are available to them,” said Brady O. Bruce, Jupiter’s Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Alliances. “The ability to record actions and analyze them for forensic purposes is essential. ControlPoint Security has all of the features that security-focused enterprises want in a display wall management solution.”
ControlPoint Security features include Windows Active Directory integration, providing secure login with the standard user name and password controlled by the customer’s IT department. With security defined at the object level, managers can create discrete management and access permissions for wall segments, layouts, inputs, applications, and remote cursor control. User activity and event logging allowed thorough forensic analysis.
Airtight Security
ControlPoint Security allows managers to create discrete management and access permissions for wall segments, layouts, inputs, applications, and remote cursor control. For example, a system administrator can restrict user control over any rectangular region of the display wall based on login credentials.
ControlPoint Security’s Windows Authentication option features automatic ControlPoint Server discovery in an Active Directory environment. Secure login is accomplished using the standard user name and password controlled by the customer’s IT department, supporting Windows Single Sign-On (SSO). Security at the group level provides the system administrator with easier and more flexible security and access administration.
In environments without network access to a Windows Active Directory Server, Simple Authentication can be employed. Simple Authentication employs a user name-only database in the ControlPoint Server to identify users. This method allows for easy integration with touch panels and programming scripts.
ControlPoint 3.0 – The Leading Control Suite for Display Walls
ControlPoint 3.0 is the most fully featured display wall management suite anywhere. For more than a decade, it has been the go-to solution for thousands of the best installations around the world. A complete, integrated and intuitive software solution for the control and management of the display wall processor, ControlPoint includes a robust client/server application, an easy-to-use drag-and-drop GUI, device drivers, protocols, and a full API. The addition of ControlPoint Security™, a NERC compliant application for managing system access and tracking system use, further enhances its value.
ControlPoint is a client/server based system. The server resides on the Fusion Catalyst or VizionPlus II processor, directly accessing hardware functionality. The client is installed on a network accessible PC running Windows Vista or Windows 7. The ControlPoint client and server communicate over a TCP/IP connection using the open, clear-text ControlPoint Protocol. The depth of control, extensibility, and ease of use are unmatched in any other display wall product. And because ControlPoint is designed by the same Jupiter team that designs the processor hardware, its integration with every aspect of the system’s features, functions, and operating system is seamless.
ControlPoint Is Powerful
ControlPoint protocol and supporting APIs can be used for custom applications and control. Simple applications using JavaScript and HTML can be generated in minutes. Using the ControlPoint API, the complete power of the Fusion Catalyst or VizionPlus II processor is available to those who want a customized interface and complete control. An RS-232 gateway is provided for devices requiring serial communication.
ControlPoint Defines Ease of Use
ControlPoint offers an object-based, drag-and-drop interface. Defined objects such as DVI, RGB, HD and SD Video inputs; streaming video inputs; Web browsers; image viewers; and local and remote application windows can be dragged and dropped onto the display wall mimic. Setting up complex combinations of graphical and real-time data is simple, quick and intuitive. Toolbar shortcuts to commonly used functionality are provided to make adjustments to windows even more convenient.
ControlPoint also provides the ability to save the state of the display wall into a layout stored on the display wall processor and to quickly recall saved layouts directly from the user interface or from user-assignable hotkeys. And with all the disk space on a Fusion Catalyst or VizionPlus II display wall processor, there is room to build and store layouts for every conceivable scenario.