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Jupiter Systems to Highlight Display Wall Processors used in Security Applications from Dallas to Beijing at ISC West
Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2012
See Product Featured at Jupiter ISC West, Booth, 3099
ISC West, Las Vegas, Nev., March 28, 2012 – Jupiter Systems, the industry leader in display wall technology, showcases at ISC West some of the most powerful security enhancements and options to protect display wall processors. These enhancements include Jupiter ControlPoint Security™, a set of advanced, NERC CIP-compliant  security tools that provide user verification, access management and forensic logging of display wall operations used in its Fusion Catalyst™ and Vision II™ controllers. Jupiter will also be showing the latest version of its PixelNet Domain Control software which now includes a server redundancy option for mission critical applications.  The company will also show its Quad HD Controller Card, a fourth generation video streaming solution used in its Fusion Catalyst display wall controller.
“Safeguarding an installation’s security is of critical importance to Jupiter Systems,” said Brady O. Bruce, Jupiter’s Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Alliances. “In applications as diverse as traffic management, emergency operations, electrical power generation and transmission, process control, military, law enforcement, and physical security, Jupiter’s high performance display wall processors are especially well suited to the demands of 24/7 surveillance and security.”
Jupiter’s display wall processors provide systems managers with a common operating picture that is so important to decision making, and allow operators to develop situational awareness with access to all available information from video, data, images, maps, and other inputs. Because of these features, Jupiter display wall solutions are used in thousands of locations around the world, in installations that include police departments in China, Mexico, Dallas and Los Angeles in the U.S.; airports in Tokyo, Beijing, and Munich; and Traffic Management Centers in Arizona, California, and Illinois in the U.S., as well as Turkey, Japan, Mexico and New Zealand.
ControlPoint Security™
Jupiter’s ControlPoint™ 3.0 software management suite with its powerful ControlPoint Security™ enhancements provides new security safeguards for user verification, access management and forensic logging of display wall operation. ControlPoint Security™ is available on all Jupiter Fusion Catalyst™ and VizionPlus II™ display wall controllers. ControlPoint Security™ features Windows Active Directory integration, which provides secure login with the standard user name and password controlled by the customer’s IT department.
With security defined at the object level, managers can create discrete management and access permissions for wall segments, layouts, inputs, applications, and remote cursor control. User activity and event logging are performed at sub-second resolution, allowing thorough forensic analysis. This ability to record actions and analyze them for forensic purposes is essential. ControlPoint Security™ has all of the features that security-focused enterprises want in a display wall management solution.
All of Jupiter’s PixelNet®-distributed display wall systems offer a redundant server option as part of the latest version of its PixelNet Domain Control (PDC v.6) software. PixelNet already offers the industry’s highest level of reliability at the hardware level. With this new version of the PixelNet Domain Control software, an organization can easily deploy a backup server that will take over automatically if a problem occurs with the main PixelNet Domain Control server.
PixelNet is a natural fit when building the ever-larger display wall systems required in high-end applications demanding maximum reliability. By its very nature, PixelNet is fault-tolerant because a single node failure does not impair operation of the rest of the system. With this option, Jupiter customers can provide backup for the server with failure detection and automatic switchover.
Quad HD Decoder Card
The optional Quad HD Decoder Card provides support for the display of up to 200 HD or SD network video streams in MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, and MJPEG formats. The Quad HD Decoder Card also supports streams from PCs with real-time updates. With Jupiter’s scaling and communication technology, users can display dozens of streamed sources at full frame rate simultaneously with digital precision throughout. The Quad HD Decoder Card supports most popular IP cameras and encoders. The Quad HD Decoder Card is the fourth generation of streaming video decoding products from Jupiter Systems. The card installs directly into both Fusion Catalyst and VizionPlus II display wall processors, offering Second Generation PCI Express performance and tight integration with Jupiter’s industry-leading ControlPoint™ software.
Jupiter’s High Performance Display Wall Processors
An effective surveillance center is designed to provide a real-time, collaborative work environment for monitoring, response, dispatch, coordination, process management, recording and escalation from incident detection to resolution. Jupiter’s high performance display wall processors offer a full array of features, including dynamic window sizing and positioning, smooth zooming within images, custom borders and titles, programmable presets, and backgrounds. These display wall processors are used in government and commercial security centers around the world to provide the common operating picture that is so important to decision making. To develop situational awareness, you need to be able to see everything available—video, data, images, maps, and more—and that is what Jupiter delivers.