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Jupiter Systems Announces Availability of SVS-8 Streaming Video Systems Product Line in Middle East
Posted on Monday, October 25, 2010
New SVS-8 models decode compressed video streams on a Jupiter display wall or in standalone applications
Doha, Qatar– MILIPOL QATAR 2010 --October 25, 2010 – Jupiter Systems, the industry leader in display wall technology, is proud to announce the availability of its new line of Jupiter SVS-8 Streaming Video Systems in the Middle East and India. SVS-8 is a compact, hardware-based solution for decoding and displaying digital video streams on a Jupiter display wall or in standalone applications which may not involve a Jupiter display wall processor. The SVS-8 supports a mixture of camera, NVR and DVR vendors, including installations with mixed transport and encoding methods. 
Supported video encoding standards include MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264 and MJPEG. The SVS-8 can decode multiple encoding formats simultaneously. In addition the SVS-8 supports unicast and multicast streams, as well as the RTP, RTCP, RTSP, SAP, TCP and UDP protocols, among others.
A Future-Proof Combination of Power and Flexibility
Streaming video solutions and encoding devices continue to evolve rapidly. Customers must be able to adapt to changing standards and adopt new products.
With the SVS-8, Jupiter has created the perfect solution for installations that need to support the widest variety of encoding standards and vendors possible, while maintaining the flexibility to incorporate new capabilities as required. 
Two SVS-8 Models Support Any Application
With two available models, the streaming video system can support virtually any application.  The SVS-8 product line can support multiple vendors simultaneously without burdening existing computers with software-based decoding solutions. 
The SVS-8 Standard or SVS-8 model connects directly to a network and decodes compressed network video streams into standard composite video, in either NTSC or PAL format. The SVS-8 works in concert with Jupiter Fusion or Fusion Catalyst display wall processors, or as part of a PixelNet display system.
The SVS-8 Standalone Model or SVS-8 SAM is designed for applications where a truly universal streaming network video decoder is required to drive digital video recorders, video monitors and other devices that accept a composite video signal. With an easy-to- use, web-based configuration and control interface, the SVS-8 SAM can manage the most
heterogeneous environments. With this model’s control protocol and API, it is possible to integrate the operation of the SVS-8D into third-party applications.
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