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Jupiter Systems Officially Launches the Pana X Pro-Series
Posted on Tuesday, June 13, 2023
Jupiter Systems Officially Launches the Pana X Pro-Series

Hayward, CA – June 13, 2023 – Today, Jupiter Systems, the leading global manufacturer of 21:9 ultrawide display solutions, formally announces the launch of the Pana X Pro-series displays, a premium addition to its game-changing Pana ultrawide 21:9 LCD product offering. “Our 21:9 solutions roadmap, including ZavusTM direct view MicroLED and PanaTM ultrawide LCD lines, push engineering boundaries and unlock the full potential of new visual experiences,” remarks Sidney Rittenberg, Jupiter CEO.

This cutting-edge pro-series boasts 120Hz refresh rate and Quantum Dot Mini-LED backlight with 2300 local dimming zones engineered with our own proprietary algorithms, setting it apart from AV manufacturer followings and making it the most visually advanced ultrawide LCD on the market. Pana X models come in a range of 21:9 diagonal sizes, with thin-profile touch or non- touch options and blazing fast 120Hz 5K LCDs. Each display features optically bonded, tempered, anti-glare edge-to-edge glass, a frameless design, and identical depth dimensions and ports at identical locations. Pana X displays have a low-profile total depth of 78mm and are ADA-compliant with wall mount.

To create this next-generation display, Jupiter Systems developed a Quantum Dot Mini-LED backlight on a massive panel that required a separate driver board and Jupiter’s proprietary internal image processing. Over 20 engineers worked full-time to achieve a level of visual quality that challenges high-end home TV specs.

Designed for enterprise collaboration spaces, executive meeting rooms, high-end atmospheres, and specific command and control visualization installations, Pana X is the ultimate choice for customers seeking the most advanced ultrawide LCD display. Jupiter has a reputation for providing bespoke solutions to high-end customers, and this fully secure display is no exception. Pana X boasts game-changing specs, including up to 1700 nits of brightness, 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, 2300 local dimming zones, and HDR1000+ rendering vivid colors and true black. Jupiter Systems offers powerful systems for the 21:9 120Hz pro-line Pana displays as an added option. Customers can choose a slot-in Jupiter designed and engineered on-board computer module, Windows or Android. For more vigorous video processing, the compact CRS-5K processor can splice up to 32 windows on a single Pana display while driving 5K, creating a complete TAA-compliant Video Wall in a BoxTM bundle.

In addition to the official product launch of the Pana X Pro-series, our Zavus Xtreme Pixel (XP) Flip Chip COB MicroLED, will be making its North American debut at the show. This customizable, large, seamless display solution is the latest addition to the company’s 21:9 ultra- wide display offerings, designed to meet the demands of enterprise and industrial companies that require visualization technology as a centerpiece. Zavus XP’s gorgeous DCI-P3 color gamut, up to 16-bit color depth, perfect black levels, up to 1,000 nits sustained luminance, and a camera-friendly 3,840 Hz scan rate provide the ideal canvas for any content to be displayed under any indoor lighting conditions. Surface mount and thin profile, it is built to handle all typical deployments, including executive offices, MTR/Signature Room collaboration spaces, training facilities, signage and NOCs/SOCs. In partnership with Megapixel VR, Jupiter spent nearly two years developing a solution embedded with the high-end processor to ensure they can control each LDM, providing unprecedented control over the cabinet electronics.

Jupiter is redefining the power of visualization and content sharing that is harmonious with how human eyes naturally absorb more horizontal than vertical information. By transforming the perception of display technology, Jupiter empowers enterprises to harness immersive experiences and enhance productivity.

Unlike competitors’ one-off followings, Jupiter is commited exclusively to the 21:9 aspect ratio. This dedication compels us to develop product lineups and devote engineering breakthroughs to lead this field.

– Sidney Rittenberg, Jupiter Systems CEO

With a dedicated focus on 21:9, Jupiter stands alone as the pioneer in this field, offering comprehensive product solutions. See our products with your own eyes at InfoComm booth #2231; guaranteed to wow, you won’t want to miss it.