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A Memorable Experience: The Pana Display
Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2022
A Memorable Experience: The Pana Display

The Future is now!

Feb. 16, 2022 - Having worked in experiential engagement innovation and executive briefing centers for the past 15 plus years, I have seen many displays come and go. Let’s face it; displays have been a commodity until now. Jupiter Systems has created a “Wow” display. The Pana 105 Display is available in display and interactive versions and has the option to be in both portrait and landscape modes. These displays offer native 5k resolution and a 21:9 aspect ratio, the future of collaboration between colleagues. If you haven’t heard, our Pana 105 was the recipient of InfoComm’s “Best of Show” award in 2021.

Technology Adoption

The 21:9 aspect ratio adoption is gaining traction in the office experience; it’s not just for gaming and Netflix anymore. We are seeing business benefits for the user’s experience. This year, market validation came when Microsoft announced Teams would be adopting a 21:9 option. The Pana 105 display is a perfect complement for Microsoft Teams Front Row. This is how the hybrid meeting environment should be experienced consistently. Here is a post from Microsoft that dives deeper into why 21:9 is ideal for teams everywhere.


Over 8 feet of Wow! The Pana 105 allows you to connect authentically for both video conferencing and data visualizations. Humans have a 210-degree horizontal arc of what we see, meaning we see wider than taller. The 21:9 is ergonomically correct for viewing significantly more data. Presenters don’t have to reach or stretch to interact with data with its touch capability. Lastly, this canvas ratio allows for excellent camera positioning to improve inclusion and equal visibility.

Creating Powerful Experiences

Our Pana display line doesn’t stop at 105. We also offer variations in 81 and 34, which reinforces its “Wow” in high-touch spaces like Executive Briefing Centers, Innovation Spaces, and lobbies. Digital Signage, Interactive touch experiences, and Data Visualizations. There is a tremendous amount of data being generated in the world today. The Pana provides a perfect canvas for anything you can think of.