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Canvas At Home or On the Go
Posted on Wednesday, April 28, 2021
Canvas At Home or On the Go

April 28, 2021 - Companies provide employees mobile phones, tablets and PC's to ensure they have access to company information after hours. This results in a more productive workforce, faster decision making and increased collaboration. Jupiter's Canvas Mobile Software breaks the boundaries of a typical 24/7 Operation Center by providing end users access to critical information while off-site.  

Jupiter's Canvas Mobile is the only software available on the market that provides visibility to an on-premise video wall's content without the operator being physically in the control room. This software has revolutionized the way companies view control rooms and operations centers. No longer are control rooms required to be staffed on premise 24 hours a day for operators to have access to the same information. They can now view this information from their mobile phone, tablet or PC.  

The pandemic has created a massive paradigm shift in the way companies view office space and employees working remotely. Companies realize to enhance employee retention it requires providing employees the tools to do their job at home or in the office. We have seen a massive increase in our customer's utilizing our mobile device platform for off-site visibility and collaboration.  

Canvas Mobile has the ability to initiate a meeting on demand and present key content to decision makers remotely to enable them to make quick decisions. It also has a live stream capability enabling workers in the field to stream in a live video feed from their camera on their cell phone or tablet. These are just some of the unique features Canvas Mobile offers its users.  

Many different industries utilize Canvas Mobile features such as:

  • Security Operations Center
  • Utilities
  • Government
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare

One of the most unique features of the software is the ability to send live feeds back into a control room via mobile devices. The scenarios are endless for this feature. Emergency responders, utility and transportation companies all utilize this feature to improve their response time ability to resolve the emergency in an expedited fashion. 

By Kristen Pawlak