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5 Things to Consider Before Planning a Display Wall Project
Posted on Wednesday, March 17, 2021
5 Things to Consider Before Planning a Display Wall Project

March 17, 2021 - When thinking about your next display wall project, there are a ton of decisions to make. The available space and purpose of your project will drive most of these decisions, but with so many options available there are still choices to be made. These choices include:

  1. Initial Cost 
  2. Size 
  3. Shape 
  4. Aspect Ratio 
  5. Cost of Ownership 

Understanding the space and purpose of your project will play a starring role in your project's success. Know the environment, take note of location, ambient light, airflow, and serviceability of the display wall. Not accounting for these things can lead to much more expensive "solutions" being required down the road.  

Once you understand the space you are working with you will need to understand the purpose of the wall. Who will be using the wall and for what purpose? What types of source content do they intend to display? How many simultaneous sources? The Display Wall processor you choose will make a huge difference in the flexibility, use-ability, and scalability of your display wall.  

The total cost of your display wall project will be a major factor. While quality should not be compromised when deciding, it is important that you are not investing too much for features and capabilities you won't need. Understanding the features you need and how the Display Wall processor you choose can deliver those features through their software and hardware offerings is essential.  

One aspect that is easy to overlook is the cost of ownership for your display wall. The white balancing, calibration, and maintenance of your wall can be tedious and expensive surprises if not accounted for early. User training, troubleshooting and maintenance are also expected costs that should be planned for, it pays to do your homework. The right choice of display wall will reduce overall expenses while providing the features needed.  

Another important consideration that you should understand is how customer may intend to interact with their content. Interactive displays provide your customers with ultra-wide format immersive touch enabled displays that will drive engagement and collaboration between teams. 

By Tim Yelvington