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Jupiter Systems Announces Streaming Video Capture For Display Wall Systems (Booth #6063)
Posted on Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jupiter Systems Announces Streaming Video Capture For Display Wall Systems (Booth #6063)

New compact 8d (svs-8d) hardware system to decode compressed video streams on a fusion display wall or stand alone application

InfoComm 2008, Las Vegas, NV– June 18, 2008 Jupiter Systems, (Booth # N6063),the industry leader in display wall processing for command and control visualization announces its Jupiter Streaming Video System 8D (SVS-8D), a hardware-based solution for decoding and displaying as many as 160 digital video streams on a single display wall.  The SVS-8D supports a broad range of camera and DVR vendors and mixed transport and encoding methods.  These include MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264 (MPEG-4 part 10) and VC-1.  The new system supports unicast and multicast streams, as well as the RTCP, RTSP, SAP and RTP protocols.

As the number of monitored video sources continues to rise, transporting video using traditional methods becomes prohibitively expensive.  Existing IP networks offer an economical approach to transporting digitized and compressed video. 

The Jupiter Streaming Video System 8D builds on Jupiter’s vast experience in delivering command and control visualization systems and addresses the need for an economical and flexible method of decoding digital video found in heterogenous environments. 

“The Jupiter Streaming Video System 8D is designed to meet the needs of security, intelligent traffic control, surveillance and building management control room personnel who require the display of multiple networked streaming videos as an integral part of daily operations,” says John Stark, Director of Marketing. “No other solution offers the flexibility of simultaneously supporting so many video decoding standards.  The SVS-8D can be deployed seamlessly within our display wall processing or used as a standalone device.  In either circumstance, the SVS-8D performs perfectly.”

By adding an SVS- 8D to an existing Fusion 960, Fusion 964 or 980 Display Wall Processor, you can control up to 8 simultaneous streams. If more streams are needed, additional SVS-8D’s can be added to enough expansion for even the largest installation.

Consisting of a standard 1U rack-mounted enclosure, the SVS-8D fits easily into any control room, powered by multiple embedded System-on-a-Chip processors, the SVS-8D support a standard Gigabit Ethernet port with an option for a dual Gigabit Ethernet port. 

Designed to slot immediately into existing installations, the Streaming Video Server includes a digital interlink to Fusion 960 or 980 Display Wall Processors. It supports up to 96 simultaneous streams on the Fusion 960 or as many as 160 simultaneous streams on a Fusion 964 or Fusion 980 using multiple SVS-8D chassis.

The SVS-8D is also designed for standalone applications which require the support multiple vendors simultaneously without burdening existing computers with software-based decoding solutions.  The new streaming video system comes with stand-alone control application and control protocol and ActiveX API.  Using the API, it is possible to integrate the operation of the SVS-8D into third party applications.