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Draper Europe Acquires Awning Manufacturer
Posted on Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Draper Europe Acquires Awning Manufacturer


(Spiceland, Ind.) –Draper Europe AB has acquired one of the largest awning manufacturers in Sweden.

In addition to being one of Sweden’s largest awning manufacturers, Tvaakersmarkisen also manufactures window shades and venetian blinds.


“Awnings are a popular window covering in Europe, due to the high cost of energy,” according to Goran Peterson, Managing Director, Draper Europe AB, “so this was a natural fit for Draper.” Peterson adds, however, there more than awnings in Draper Europe’s plans.


During the second half of 2012 Draper Europe will also begin to manufacture interior and exterior window shades using Draper’s proprietary hardware system. 


“The combination of awnings and interior and exterior window shades will make Draper Europe on of the largest window covering manufacturers in Scandinavia,” Peterson points out. “We see great synergies between projection screens and window shades, and are happy to be able to capitalize on Draper’s extensive knowledge and experience in window coverings to expand our offering in Europe.”

The products will be distributed in Sweden through Tvaakersmarkisen’s window covering concept stores and independent dealers.