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Introducing ZEPLAY, an 8 Channel Instant Replay Platform from Tightrope Media Systems
Posted on Tuesday, August 10, 2010
Introducing ZEPLAY, an 8 Channel Instant Replay Platform from Tightrope Media Systems ZEPLAY, our new broadcast multi-channel replay platform, has been released! After more than 2 years in development and hundreds of games, ranging from community television to pro sports, ZEPLAY has been battle tested and is ready for action. This release includes two models, the ZEPLAY 8440HD and 8440SD. Both are 8 channel servers with four inputs and outputs active at all times. The HD system includes support for resolutions up to 1080i and all international frame rates. Some of the key features include 160 hours of HD recording time, independent control of every output channel, built-in multi-viewer, frame-blended slow motion and a dedicated controller for the fastest replay work-flow in the world. We’ve got a 4 page slick that describes it right here: For all that is awesome about how ZEPLAY works, broadcast reliability is the most important feature. It has undergone thousands of hours of intense testing internally, as well as in the field. It should go without saying but, we threw in redundant power, RAID protection for both video and system drives and protects itself from total power loss, saving the game and the video so that you can resume action as soon as power is restored. Also, the video engine and ZEPLAY application have thousands of lines of code designed to protect it from the little things that might go wrong in production, like bad sync on a camera. “ZEPLAY is the beginning of a new approach to broadcast replays, “ said JJ Parker, Tightrope’s Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer. “We went with broadcast quality parts on the video side and the best in class server hardware available. Then we went with an open and extensible design that our customers will love, especially as we continue to develop the platform. ZEPLAY not only changes the industry’s expectations of what broadcast quality replays should cost, but it also makes it much more approachable for an operator. Basically, if you’ve got the talent to do replays, ZEPLAY is pretty easy to pick up.” We have got big plans for ZEPLAY and we are already hard at work on new innovations that we are excited about. These upgrades will be included through software enhancements that will be a part of the maintenance program, which is free for the entire first year of ownership. Two models are available. The ZEPLAY 8440HD and 8440SD, which is field upgradable to HD, if required. Prices start at around $48,000.00. There is even upgrade pricing available to those who have an existing server-based replay system that they’re looking to dump. Just give us a shout at (866) 866-4118, x1 or use and we’ll put you in touch with a ZEPLAY Authorized Dealer. Also, check out the ZEPLAY web site at