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15" Industrial LCD Monitors for CGA, EGA and 3-bit/BBC TTL Video

Model: PremierView15TTL

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PremierView15TTL uses a 15” 1024x768 TFT-LCD panel. PremierView-TTL is a very high performance TFT-LCD display. Based around Calibre's proprietary PremierView4 LCD driver technology, it is able to connect directly to CGA, EGA and BBC Micro TTL video signals, giving excellent image quality. High performance scaling algorithms work without compromising image quality or resolution irrespective of the signal resolution implemented. PremierView-TTL features a 9-pin D connector for direct CGA and EGA signals. A DIL switch allows selection between 3, 4 & 6 bit data formats for the CGA/EGA input channel. A 6-pin DIN connector is provided for direct connection of 3-bit/BBC Micro signals, this input channel includes automatic detection of interlaced and non-interlaced operation depending on the BBC graphics mode in use. Automatic signal detection is provided together with an on-screen menu system is provided to allow the installer to further optimize the image quality if desired. PremierView15TTL are industrial quality metal cased display units fitted with anti-glare, anti-scratch protective front windows.The very sturdy metal case incorporates side mounting points for console mounting and also can be fitted to an optional desk stand with adjustable height, tilt and swivel.
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