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Ansmann Introduces New High Capacity, Low Self-Discharge AA batteries
Posted on Friday, January 29, 2010
Ansmann Introduces New High Capacity, Low Self-Discharge AA batteries

The New Ansmann Max-E Plus 2500mah low self-discharge is now available.  The new hybrid cell combines the best of both worlds -- a high capacity cell which is worthy of use in wireless mics, in-ear monitors, and other high-drain devices, and the convenience of long shelf life -- up to one year in stand-by.

Until now, the highest capacity, low self-discharge battery was rated at 2100 mah (milli-amp hours). Ansmann's Max-E plus boasts a 2500 mah rating. This additional power means longer runtimes in wireless applications -- up to 8 hours in most wireless mics.

This is especially helpful for remote applications, where maintaining a trickle charge on standard rechargeables is not feasible. Videographers and sound engineers "on-location" need not worry about dead batteries - as they can be charged and then stored up to one year without significant loss of power.

For optimal recycles (up to 1000 charges) it is suggested to use a high-quality charger, such as the Ansmann Energy 8 Plus or the Ansmann Energy 16.  Both these chargers offer battery refresh cycles and automated, individual monitoring on cells with exceptional battery maintenance micro-circuitry

For fast recharging, consider the Ansmann 4 Ultra Plus. This compact charger will fully charge the new Ansmann Max E Plus 2500's in about 30 minutes. You may also choose a "soft" charge which takes about an hour. The charger is fan-cooled and has 5-way overcharge protection.

Each 4 pk of the Max-E Plus 2500 mah comes pre-charged and ready to use, fresh out of the pack.

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