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Three projector blend and mapping with Analog Way
Posted on Monday, April 15, 2013
Three projector blend and mapping with Analog Way


Simply Professional,  an event production and organization company of Naucalpan, Mexico, recently provided a three-projector soft edge blend as well as mapping with Analog Way’s products for the Telmex convention. Telmex, the main telecommunications company in Latin America, organized a two-day convention for their management team. The event featured a variety of speeches and presentations. 

For the event, Simply Professional created a panoramic projection on a 16x4m screen and mapped two side screens. To create this display, Simply Professional used five 12K HD projectors from Panasonic and several Analog Way devices:
- 2 Smart Edge (Ref. STE100), Hi-Resolution Mixer Seamless Switcher with Dual Output Edge Blending,
- 2 Eikos (Ref. EKS500), Multi-Layer Hi-Resolution Mixer Matrix Scaler Seamless Switcher with 4 Scalers,
- 1 Orchestra (Ref. ORC50), Powerful, intuitive, and ergonomic Remote Controller.

The two Smart Edges linked together were used to do the Soft Edge presentation with three Panasonic projectors on the central screen. One Eikos, used in mixer mode, was connected to the SDI inputs of both Smart Edge to feed the central screen with PIPs. To do the three projector blend, Simply Professional used the PIP function of the Smart Edge to resize the image to fit the screen.
The second Eikos, used in matrix mode, served to feed the images (static or live) for the mapping on both sides of the panoramic screen. To do the mapping, Simply Professional created a mask from a computer source, and via the PIP and keying functions of the Eikos, the company fed the lateral projectors. The Orchestra Show Controller was used to manage the whole system.

“Linking together two Smart Edge to do a wide single screen projection was very easy. That is why we choose to use them,” said Sebastian Corkidi, director of Simply Professionnal.

For the SEB projection, Simply Professional prepared 8 presets as templates to manage the position and size of the sources. Two or three PIPs were used depending on the preset during the projection. All content could also be managed and changed live as needed. The resolution output was full HD, 1920x1080.
“The customers were very impressed by the projection quality and also by the fact that anything they wanted to be displayed live, they had it right away. As we had prepared position presets before the show, we only had to decide which input was going live in that preset. With Analog Way devices, it is very easy and comfortable to manage elements in live switching.”

Simply Professional used all the inputs of the Smart Edge to feed the central screen as they had many different signals: computer, video, HD-SDI, etc. Sebastian Corkidi explained the importance of having easy-to-use devices in his business: “As a rental company we use Analog Way’s products every day. The thing is when you work with Analog Way devices you are able to do things very easily: anything you connect goes right in the place it has to be. We love it because we don’t have to care of what kind of signal we will be using: composite, video, analog, digital… It always looks good and clean at the end”

Founded in 2002, Simply Professional is a leading company in event production located in Mexico. The company organizes different events from small corporate meetings to large venue concerts. The company provides all the production resources to offer unconventional and exciting events.
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Date: Apr 15, 2013