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ViewSonic Elevates Event Experience for Bankstown Sports Group with 135” Mobile Direct View LED Display Solution Kit

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ViewSonic Elevates Event Experience for Bankstown Sports Group with 135” Mobile Direct View LED Display Solution Kit
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  • Offer a unique viewing experience of the Melbourne Cup Race to establish the Lady Banks Rooftop as a local key venue

  • Accommodate different spaces within the rooftop bar, and other locations for events, without permanently installing display equipment in each

  • Set up and operation of the display needs to be handled by the staff to save cost, time, and effort

The Lady Banks Rooftop opened in October 2022. In a complex time for the hospitality industry, Bankstown Sports Group was looking to establish its new rooftop as a key venue in the Southwest Sydney area by hosting a public viewing of the Melbourne Cup Race, one of Australia’s biggest sports events.

The Lady Banks Rooftop features an open-plan space with both indoor and outdoor seating. As the bar is bathed with lots of natural light, using a traditional projector or a large TV screen to broadcast the event would provide poor visibility and a negative viewing experience. Moreover, the venue manager didn’t want to disturb the arrangement of the space with a fixed installation as it would only be used on special occasions.

Since it already regularly hosts events, Bankstown Sports Group preferred to avoid expensive rental equipment. It was looking for a display solution that could be installed easily, at will, without requiring external installers, while still providing an outstanding viewing experience.


  • The ViewSonic® LDS135-151 is a 135” All-in-One Direct View LED Display Solution Kit offering instant use and an outstanding audio-visual experience

  • The screen can be folded to save space, making it easier to move, store, and securely transport in the included flight case

  • Wireless content sharing enables quick and seamless multimedia broadcasts without the need for additional equipment

After careful consideration, Bankstown Sports Group decided to invest in a ViewSonic® LDS135-151 All-in-One Direct View LED Display Solution Kit. Boasting a 135” display, this ready-to-use solution is designed to provide large audiences with a big-screen experience. With all components integrated into the device, the display can be operated by anyone without requiring extensive training, sparing time and effort. With its foldable screen and omnidirectional wheels, the LDS135-151 can easily be moved within a room. Delivered pre-assembled in a flight case, it is convenient to transport between floors or from one location to another. The 135” frameless screen provides outstanding luminosity and true-to-life colors, enhanced by the greater visibility offered by the array of LEDs. Broadcasting sports games or shows only takes seconds thanks to the built-in OS and Wi-Fi, enabling wireless content sharing without the need for any additional equipment.


  • The LDS135-151, the first foldable All-in-One Direct View LED display in Australia, enchanted guests and made the event a huge success

  • The solution kit has since been used at different Bankstown Sports Group venues, with set up and operation handled with ease by the staff

  • When not used during events, the marketing team promotes upcoming shows and activities on the screen

The LDS135-151 All-in-One Direct View LED Display Solution Kit helped make the Lady Banks Rooftop event a huge success. Unfolding the screen just when the race was about to start elicited surprised gasps from the guests. The huge display enabled all attendees to experience a live broadcast like never before. This exceptional viewing experience helped establish the Lady Banks Rooftop as a premium venue.

After the success of the first public viewing at the Lady Banks Rooftop, Bankstown Sports Group could easily transport the solution kit to other venues and use it while hosting other events, such as the FIFA World Cup games. During sporting downtimes, the marketing team would repurpose the Direct View LED display to promote upcoming events. Considering all the advantages the display provides for both event hosting and marketing efforts, Bankstown Sports Group is currently planning on acquiring more units for its other venues, including larger wall-mounted All-in-One Direct View LED displays.