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This conference room in Rimini is the largest conference center in Italy, featuring 39 modular rooms used for a wide variety of business and cultural activities, including concerts, meetings, and events of up to 4,700 people. The Conference Center’s ambitious purposes demanded the absolute best in state-of- the-art technology. The proprietors wanted an effective, complete and easy to use system.

System integrator Simontech chose an AMX control system to manage the entire venue. As most of the rooms are modular, Simontech fitted modular rooms with multiple touchscreens so that each subdivision would get its own unit once the walls slide into place. Changing a room layout is as simple as touching an icon on the AMX display, which activates the desired motorized walls.

In addition to this flexible level of control, the AMX control system is responsible for energy savings, with the capability to switch off all the equipment in each and every room at the touch of a button. When rooms go unused for long periods of time, the AMX system shuts them down so that they consume zero power.