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Lumens VC-G50 Serves as Centerpiece of Custom-Built, Broadcast Van

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Lumens VC-G50 Serves as Centerpiece of Custom-Built, Broadcast Van
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A Belgium-based reseller uses the Lumens VC-G50 PTZ videoconferencing camera for mobile broadcasting and live streaming.

At the request of one of its customers, Belgium-based reseller, Format-C, created a custom van for mobile broadcasting and live streaming. The customer wanted a fully-equipped system that it could take from site to site.

Format-C procured all the necessary, high-end broadcast equipment including switchers, scalers, streaming devices, and cameras. The van was also outfitted with a control room so that the customer could process entire events on-the-fly and broadcast them in real-time. Format-C established stringent criteria for the cameras they sought for use in the van, including the ability to work under low-light conditions, accurate color reproduction, and Full HD quality on the HD-SDI standard.

Three camera manufacturers met the demands of Format-C. And while the company was initially skeptical about the Lumens brand, they found after thorough testing that the Lumens VC-G50 camera was the most suitable unit for this solution. Namely, the camera’s optical zoom, image quality, multiple signal output, and “outstanding” performance allowed it to move to the head of the pack.

Format-C custom built a battery pack, allowing the Lumens VC-G50 to work for 12 hours- both independently and as part of an integrated solution. After running the van through hours’ worth of testing, Format-C delivered the final solution to its customer, who stated that the van and Lumens camera were exceeding its expectations. “The Lumens camera is well-priced and is 30% less expensive than its competition,” the customer said.